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What is great about the internet, is the room for everyone to share from the amateur blogs to stay at home moms using blogs to market products, chronicle events, share recipes or just how they feel.

Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them What is great about the internet, is the room for everyone to share from the amateur blogs to stay at home moms using blogs to market products, chronicle events, share recipes or just how they feel. There are many factors that will affect the cost and time required to market your site. Any time you delete something like a post, comment or spam, it goes in the trash and stays there for a while. By removing any unnecessary information embedded in your images (information the human eye cannot even perceive), you can efficiently decrease the image’s file size while keeping its quality intact. For images with 1 or 2 colors (like icons), use PNG file formatting as it will have better quality with less file size than JPEG. Never install a plugin just for the sake of it, only use them to improve functionality! Plugin also gives users an option to switch to the regular theme from the mobile only theme. Alternatively, a good looking theme with lots of features doesn’t guarantee best coding practice.

  • A visitor comes to your website and the browser tells WordPress that it wants to view the site
  • Check out if the websites are opening on mobile phones to understand if the design is responsive
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TwentySeventeen theme or some frameworks like Genesis have solid coding bases. Similarly, your theme and plugins will release updates from time to time, so keep them updated as well. Another significant cost is the cost of developing a new theme and is one that many underestimate entirely. In fact, lack of speed is one of the number one things that surveyed users complain about when it comes to various websites. Cool, isn’t this an awesome hack to speed up WordPress? In any case, just beginning up the blog isn’t the way to an effective blog. Add filters to ensure that the difficulty is never higher than 40 and the volume isn’t less than 200 searches per month and you should get a list of around 20 – 50 keywords that meet that criteria. Space is always important and with most good shared web hosting companies you can get unlimited disk space. Additionally, shared hosting can be a great starting point when making the initial investment in a good hosting company.

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With time, these types of actions can use up your valuable server space, making your site run slow. All big blogs take advantage of this, Like one of the famous blogs that use wordpress here . If you want to optimize existing images on your WordPress site, use plugins like WP-Smushit or Imagify. It’s important to update your plugins. For major releases it’s all up to you to update WordPress to the most recent release. Plus, WordPress frequently releases new updates to counter security concerns and you want those updated to save you and your visitors lots of potential headaches from being hacked. This is an internet term for a personal web site/ sites set up to be regularly updated as a diary or journal for public viewing. Though keeping things updated may not increase your site speed, the outdated version will make your site vulnerable to security threats thus making it slow, so always use the latest WordPress version. I also use the WP Smush plugin which automatically optimizes all images even further.

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You can use Photoshop or any other image editing software to optimize your images. Don’t use gigantic photos on your blog. Supplying your shoppers with all these photos can come at a price, however. As any store owner knows, photos are a crucial part of every product page. If your blog listing page shows full content, it’s not good for your site’s speed either. Although these are only a few of the different techniques that can be used to speed up your site, they’re some of the easiest to implement. If you have a highly engaged site, you probably get lots of comments. But for a simple app version of your WordPress site, it’s totally fine. It shows simple GA reports with your website’s number of users, bounce rates, organic searches, pages per session and the like. It’s a simple plugin with very few settings, but it does the job quite well. It’s always a good idea to keep track of any changes to their website, what kind of content they have and where their links are coming from.

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Tip: Check Google’s Search Console for broken links and map the old URL to the new page or post on your website. As your WordPress site gets older, your database’s size will increase and some old data will no longer be required. Minifying CSS and JS can reduce the load time of your site by reducing file size. This is also where minifying of JS and CSS comes in very handy. If you check your site using Google page speed, it will also likely recommend minifying CSS and JS. Technically speaking, in order for your website to be viewable on any device, your device has to download all resources from CSS to JS and fonts to other files. Basically, CDN’s store static elements like CSS (cascading style sheets), JS (JavaScript), and images of your website, so when a user tries to access your website, it fetches these things from the server closest to them.

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This file contains sensitive information like your user id, password, and database name in an unencrypted format. The same image can have different file sizes depending on the file format and compression method. PNG is the uncompressed version, so it won’t reduce image quality, but it will have larger file sizes. Using the correct images sizes for your site helps avoid massive images being uploaded here and there. But is there something we can do about it? Below, I’m going to discuss 10 WordPress plugins that can help turn your site into an SEO powerhouse. Similarly, you can also take advantage of caching via some plugins. So here’s my promise to you: 5 steps, each taking less than 10 minutes (most take under 2), that even an absolute beginner can perform. There’s a plugin that does it for you: it’s called Rocket Lazy Load. So, it’s generally only used for showing little animations.